John Sunday Ozioko of Baws Baws USA Inc. Outlines Why Female Empowerment Is So Critical in the Workplace

Throughout John Sunday Ozioko’s career, he’s seen the world change in numerous ways before his very eyes. This is especially true in the world of logistics, which has gone through something of a transformation over the last few years since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One positive shift that he’s personally witnessed has to do with an increased emphasis on female empowerment in the workplace. Gone are the days where women were considered to be “second class citizens” in the office. Their voices are being heard and, in the opinion of John S. Ozioko, that is very much a good thing.

Indeed, this type of female empowerment is a topic that he is incredibly passionate about. He believes that it brings with it a wide range of different benefits, all of which are worth a closer look.

Why Female Empowerment Matters

While it’s absolutely true that any successful business needs a passionate entrepreneur with a strong vision at the heart of it all, even the biggest brands in the world were not built by a single person. Truly, success demands an “all hands on deck” approach – everyone from organizational leadership to the most recent hire needs to be seen, heard and appreciated.

That is especially true when it comes to women in the workplace.

For John Ozioko, one of the major reasons why this is all so critical ultimately comes down to the type of gender bias that was regularly seen in just about every industry that you can think of. Gender bias doesn’t just hamper communication and collaboration – it ultimately harms both productivity and innovation as well.

But you can’t eliminate this gender bias without first empowering women in the workplace, which is a big part of why this is all so crucial.

In a larger sense, a lack of female empowerment tends to lead to women employees feeling unappreciated or even unsafe in the workplace. History has shown that this regularly leads to women leaving the workforce altogether, which leads to an uptick in unemployment sooner rathe than later. This in turn stagnates growth in the country’s economy, which is certainly not a good thing for anybody involved.

But for owner and CEO of Baws Baws USA Inc., John Sunday Ozioko, he places an emphasis on female empowerment today means creating a positive ripple effect that will last generations to come. Today’s empower female employees will be in a better position to empower and educate their own children, preparing them for the realities of the workforce they will one day enter. This in turn creates a situation where we don’t need to have these discussions at all at a certain point, which is likely the most important benefit of all.

In the end, the arc of progress is slow, yes – but it is also steady. That’s why empowering women today is something that has the potential to pay dividends for all of us for years and years to come.