Changing locks or rekeying. What is cheaper?

Being locked out of your homes or your cars is not a pleasant feeling. In such circumstances, one can only look for a locksmith who can bring them out of this situation. We require a locksmith for several reasons, it might be because we want to unlock a door, or it can be about replacing or repairing an existing lock, it can also be about making new keys or copy of keys for your existing locks or it can be about changing the whole lock system. Now, the cost of these services varies according to the service provider but rekeying is always cheaper than changing locks because in rekeying, you are making a new key or copy of a key of an existing lock whereas if you are changing locks, then you are changing the whole lock system which includes new keys. Therefore, rekeying is cheaper than changing locks. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an automotive locksmith service, check out

As mentioned already, the cost of locksmith services will depend upon the type of service you require and on the service provider as several local firms will charge you differently for a similar service to be competitive. However, the following are the basic services in ascending order of expense.

Unlocking doors

If you are locked out of your car or homes, unlocking your doors will be the least charged service provided by the locksmith. The charge of opening doors will range from $50 to $70 depending upon your requirement and the service provider. As already mentioned, the cost will vary in the market. Therefore, you can weigh in your options and hire a locksmith according to your need.

Making new keys or rekeys

Making new keys will cost you more than unlocking the doors of your cars. Rekeying will involve making new copies of keys of your existing locks, and this service will also differ in the market. The cost should be above $70 and the rest you can enquire on their website or office.

Changing locks

Changing locks will be more expensive than unlocking doors or making new keys as it will involve changing the whole lock system and creating new keys for the new lock. Therefore, it is more expensive. The pricing can go up to $220 depending upon the type of service you need.

In short, if you are wondering what will cost more, changing locks will cost more than rekeys, and rekeying will cost more than unlocking doors.